Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013


I have mentioned before that I want to become more prolific in all kinds of creative work. And I am happy to say that - at least compared to the time before I have made that resolution - I have made progress.

Some examples:

I have finally managed to paint the frame for my poster. 

I love how you can still see the grain of the wood. All in all it is not a perfect frame but I am still proud of it. However, I must admit that my father-in-law helped me. (Oh, and yes - that's Leopold in the back in one of his favourite poses - leg-up!)

I have changed a dress which didn't really fit.

I tried to paint a picture with oil colors.

I can't really paint with oil colors. Originally, I wanted to paint a somber and eerie landscape. Instead, it looks like the gruffallo will pass at any moment. I am definitely not a great painter. But somehow I like it all the same.

I certainly could have produced more...but it's a start!

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