Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013


I can't remember the time when I started to go running. But I do remember that at the beginning I wasn't even able to keep running for much more than a kilometer. Over time I got better and these past years I was at least able to run twice a week during the summer months albeit only 4 to 5 kilometers. However, I never really enjoyed running - I did it to keep fit and healthy and to stay in shape but I always had to overcome my weaker self when I went for a run. The high feeling so many runners described was absolutely unknown for me.

That's why I am very proud to say that finally this has changed! A little over a year ago I started to go for longer runs. It wasn't a conscious decision - I had had a bad day and was angry and sad and disappointed of myself and all that at the same time. The decision to go running then was rather a meant as a punishment for me. And so was the extension of my usual running route. But curiously enough somewhere on the way all my bad feelings vanished into thin air! I returned home a different person and the new running route (about 10 kilometers long) became my new normal route. During the last summer I managed to go running three times a week and the great feeling during and after the run usually returned most of the times. And even though I had a winter break I am happy to say that I have now come back to go running three times a week.

Last weekend I went into a sporting goods shop to get a running analysis and new running shoes. The fact that my sister Marina has problems with her knees at the moment (and I really hope she's getting better again now) really was a matter for reflection for me. And the trainers are certainly not an item where saving costs is advisable. In the end I bought black nike shoes. I tried them on in a different color and my first thought was: Oh my God, they are the ugliest trainers ever! But they felt rather like wearing socks and not shoes - they are extremely light and have a quite soft sole. I've been running three times since my purchase (the magical number three again!) and I think it was a good one. 

I really can recommend running to everyone and to those who wonder why they don't feel exalted after a good run: Keep on trying - when you finally attain that level where your body releases pots of endorphins it is worth the hard work!

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