Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Easter Impressions

I had a lovely Easter weekend: Timo (my husband), Emma, Leopold and I went to visit my mother. She is actually living not far from us, just a 15 minute drive with the car. We stayed for three nights and my sister Anke and her husband Adrian were there, too. We laughed and ate a lot, so it was a traditional Easter holiday for us. The only one missing was my other sister Marina.
Unfortunately, the weather still doesn't seem to know that it's spring now - it was bitter cold the whole weekend and this morning I had to scrape ice from the windscreen of my car (something I don't like in winter and definitely hate in spring)! But at least the sun was out today and sooner or later the weather has to get better. 

Some impressions from Easter and Timo's birthday 

A tradition: a lamb  in cake-form
An Easter rabbit from my sister Anke

Easter eggs (I lost the egg-boxing competition against my husband)
The cake I made for Timo's birthday
The pattern for the rabbit is from a book by Arne & Carlos, I think.

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