Montag, 25. März 2013

Love and Marriage

Since 2011 I am married. Our wedding day was one day after our 10th anniversary. Quite a long probation period!

Now I have started this blog and have posted four posts so far - one introductory post, one about my cats and two more or less about my family/sisters. My husband's reaction to this was: "Interesting to see your priorities: your sisters and the cats are more important to you than I am!"

Of course he wasn't being serious. Still, I decided to dedicate the next post to him as "he is such an important part of my life". However, this turns out to be more difficult than I had thought it would be. 

It is hard to write about the "love of your life" or love in general without sounding cheesy and using tons of bathetic set phrases (for the easier identification I highlighted them with inverted commas above and in the following).

But fact is that I'd be utterly "lost without him"! Even though we are in some respects the complete opposite we seem to complement each other somehow. Not that we don't argue - we argue a lot. I'd say we have minor quarrels every day - but we don't have bigger disputes more than four times a month and I guess that's pretty good, right?

We are both not very romantic. I mean I'd love to be but somehow romantic gestures turn out to be extremely ridiculous or awkward in reality. My aspirations to be more romantic once made me compose a poem for my husband, for example, but it only made him feel extremely weird  and it would be one of his greatest nightmares if I e.g. made a public declaration of love to him. And I am not different in this respect: when we married in the registry office and the registrar played Elton John's Can you feel the love tonight on a CD for us it was a real struggle for me not to laugh out loud.

Now one could say that writing about my husband in my blog somehow is a public declaration of love. So why do I write about him? 
The answer is quite simple: This blog is about all the things that bother, affect or concern me. And when I say that a public declaration of love would be a real nightmare for him (and me), I am talking about the kinds of public acts of self-display where you force other people to witness your presentation. If someone reads this blog, on the contrary, he or she decides to do so him-/herself, so it's quite different.

And in the end I have to say that my "semi-public (i.e. blog-wise) declaration of love" for my husband is in fact a very simple one, no cheesy set phrases, no in-your-face display of affection:
He's my husband and I love him.


  1. OOhh, beautiful!
    I still remember that "Can you feel the love tonight" moment. You're the funniest couple in the world!
    Love, from big sister

  2. Awwwww! Oh yes, I remember that vividly, too! You are very romantic in your un-romantic ways. Big hug, the middle child ;-p