Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Love what you have first...

For a while now, Timo and I are on the lookout for a new apartment. We want to have a little more space as we are currently living in an apartment on the top floor and there are some droops (I'm not sure about that word - I mean the pitches of the roof) so that there is not so much room for cupboards etc.
But the real estate market seems to be asleep in our town and we don't seem to be able to find something appropriate (ahem - "seem" seems to be one of my favorite words, sorry!). However, I realized that my wish to move into a new apartment makes me feel more and more uncomfortable in my current place. I mean naturally there are some things that really are uncomfortable for me there but still it is a nice apartment and it really doesn't deserve my discontentment. Besides, my sister always tells me that before something changes for the better in my life I have to love what I have first (that somehow seems to me a contradiction in some instances but I do understand what she means by it).
Another problem is that I don't start to beautify the apartment anymore (usually one of my hobbies) because I'm thinking "We're going to move out of it soon anyway!". 
Now I have come to the conclusion that I have to change my attitude: I have to love what I have and also start with my hobby again. 
That's why I walked around in my apartment today and took some photos of things I like there/things I have made in the past to beautify the apartment/things I have made the past days to beautify my apartment - Never mind if we're not staying there forever!
(Yes: not only empty words - I have already started to put my plans into action!)

Accidental repetition of colors in my bathroom... (I was delighted!)
The frame I finally created by the help of my father in law for a poster I got from my sister (I'm going to paint it black on the weekend).
The wingback which I upholstered myself some years ago.

Cats everywhere! (this one's a gift from my Mama)

A painting, my fairy lights (a present from my sister), a knitted doll (a present from my other sister), an old wooden suitcase I "renovated", two of my handbags (not self-made but always a satisfying view): all in one of our "room-using solutions" - part of our bed protrudes the shelf so we put up the curtain to create a calmer image.

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