Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Of Sisters and Sheep

I have two older sisters and I have always been proud of the relationship we have. They are not just my sisters but also my best friends.
Unfortunately, I am still living in the city where I was born whereas my sisters moved away. That is hard for me sometimes but it makes me appreciate much more the time we spend together.
I am very proud of my sisters because they both have proven that it is worth it to fight for one's dreams.
They are both extremely (and sometimes frightfully) prolific in what they are doing: painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, baking, sewing, taking pictures, writing. And I must admit that it is sometimes a little intimidating. Because in this respect, I have been the black sheep of the family: I haven't done a lot creative-wise these past years. But eventually I have realized that I actually miss it. 
To create things is such a great source of pleasure and contentment and in the end even though the works of my sisters can be intimidating they are primarily inspiring and so I decided to make some space for creativity in my life again. 
Yes, I often miss my sisters but it is also nice to see that even though they live miles away from here, they still have a good influence on me!

Little heart-shaped quilted cushion, a painting and a mini book with poems and quotes about sisters (all gifts by my sisters) and a necklace with a triquetra pendant (we all have one of these)

PS: You have to check out my sister's Blog "A Beautiful Hue" and you'll understand what I mean by calling her inspiring.  

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