Montag, 4. März 2013

The Beginning - or my little big bang theory

The first time that I had the idea to create my own blog must have been over two years ago. And ever since it has been one of my favorite daydream topics. I would imagine how I would write about certain things in my life which I found worthy of sharing with other people and I really liked the whole idea about it. I thought about an adequate name, the subjects I could write about or how I would design the layout and so on.
But days, weeks and months passed - and I did nothing. The whole thing had started to be such a nice dream for me that I was afraid of not meeting my expectations about it. The thought about actually starting a blog even scared me.

And that's a problem I often have and what I like to call my very own little big bang theory: I decide that I really would like to start something new but then I don't do it because I always postpone it as I want to make sure that I start it with a big bang, i.e. I want it to be PERFECT.

With regard to the blog, I didn't want to start it before I was sure about the subjects I wanted to write about, the whole layout and design (and I mean every tiny detail), and ideally I wanted to have "pre-written" the first - say - 30 posts and every single one of them worthy of the Nobel Prize in Literature, of course.
Naturally, this expectation was aimed much too high so that it was certain that I could never meet it. 

But if I never try out new things because I could fail in the end - isn't that the biggest failure of all?
So now I decided that I should be content to start something new with a silent and unassertive *plop* rather than only dreaming about the big *Bang*. 

I don't have much more than a name at this moment but I have finally got used to the idea of this blog as a work-in-progress. And - after all - isn't this the whole point of a blog?

My name is Sibylle and this is my new blog.
I hope you'll enjoy it.


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