Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Sporty Me

I am very proud that so far I am doing yoga or a kettlebell workout every day! Okay: maybe I sometimes take one day off when I am not feeling well but who cares? I feel very fit and I can even see the benefits on my body - there are really muscles somewhere underneath my bodyfat! 

Kettlebell training 
Yoga with a spectator

But more important is that it makes me feel better. The only thing I am neglecting is the meditation/mindfulness training. And the healthier diet. I don't know why I can't bring myself to improve in this respect - I am really aware of how much I would benefit from it. However, I try not to scold myself too much for it and focus on my progress because I hope that by being positive the other resolutions will eventually be fulfilled (sorry - you probably can't say that but you get what I mean) as well. 

Last year I bought some yoga props and I don't regret the purchase. I love the yogawheel as it helps you get into asanas that are too hard for you or you are afraid of. I use the blocks mainly to work on my splits as I noticed I'm turning my hips while doing the splits and this isn't the correct way to do them. The strap is great for stretching further into certain poses. To sum it up, all of the props really help you to improve your asanas and I can really recommend them. 

I am most excited about my progress with the inversion asanas (handstand, forearmstand, headstand,...). The yogawheel mainly gives you the security to try those poses because it's mostly fear which keeps you from trying them!

Hand-, chin-, and forearmstand Training with the yogawheel 

I only started the kettlebell training because my husband did but I am very satisfied with the effect - you feel yourself getting stronger every day which is very helpful when you have to carry around a 13 kg toddler all the time. But it doesn't make me look like Arnie - thank God! 

I really hope I'll keep up the training. Maybe now that it's on my Blog it will be an even bigger incentive to do so.

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