Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Hello 2017

Unfortunately, the last quarter of 2016 has been a bit problematic for me health-wise. Nothing serious but it kept me from  keeping up the yoga routine I had taken up throughout August and September (I am blaming my very bad diet and some too extense exercises).
My health was improving in December but at the start of the New Year I caught a cold so now I have to stay in bed instead of trying to fulfill all my New Year's resolutions. But then again, even though I am not happy about it it also means that the year is very likely to improve for me. And I might not be able to start daily exercises again at the moment but I can try to eat more healthily and (very important for me) to drink more! Not alcohol though, apparently. I am trying to drink two liter of camomile tea during the day at the moment - to fight the cold mainely but I think I'll try to keep this habit up.
And even though I can't do exhausting exercises at the moment I have a new plan to do some physical exercises every day which are not exhausting - just a little stretching to train the fascia (I've read a very interesting article on the most recent research on the fascia today!).
My other resolutions are as uncreative as the above: read more, be more creative (sewing, knitting, writing, drawing...), more meditating, character-improvement (trying to be nicer and not a bitch so often), cooking, ... That's all I can think of right now. If I manage to do at least a little more than last year, I'll be content :)

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  1. Hello and welcome back! :) And don't be so hard on yourself. Gute Besserung! More photos, please! xxx