Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017


Since spring and then summer have arrived, my babyboy and I are enjoying good weather outside every day (well, we went outside at least once every day before but obviously not as long and he used to be mostly in his push chair then). Before I was a mother I already knew that kids like to go outside but I really didn't have a clue how strong that desire is! It really is in the nature of children to leave the house and spend their time under the open sky. This can be a bit tiring at times (especially when the first thing he is saying when he gets up is "Fuhe, jaus!" (= "Schuhe, raus!" = english: "Shoes, outside!" - he is 21 months now and only learning to speak) and we haven't even had breakfast... But it is also very nice and good for me - I haven't been that tanned in ages, my mood is a lot better and I think my health has improved considerably. Even though I refuse to spend the whole day outside usually (Emil has to have his nap times every day, I have to do some housework and going outside always also means descending three stories on a staircase where I have to carry my baby who already weighs 15 kg when dressed which is quite exhausting...- that's the downside when living in an apartment in the city no matter how small that city is, we can't just go out the door into the garden and back again) but we spend several hours outdoors, either on the playground, strolling through the town, going to the swimming pool, visiting friends or the grandparents (and they have a garden!) or making small trips. Watching Emil enjoy nature is heartwarming and also very reminiscent of my childhood. I think I haven't appreciated hot temperatures and the outdoors that much since I was a child myself and I thank my toddler for giving me this life lesson (one of many lessons he taught me and is still teaching me).

Emil with one of his favorite objects these days

On the playground


In the animal park in Bad Mergentheim

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