Donnerstag, 24. November 2016


Whoa! It's been a LONG time that I last posted something here. I feel very guilty - my numerous readers and followers (Well, hello there Marina and Anke!) must be craving for a new contribution to this blog! (I don't even know if the designation "blog" is still valid after a break that long... But anyway, here I go again!)

Of course A LOT has changed in my life! I am a mom now and my cute little baby isn't even really a baby anymore - he is my cute little toddler and apparently quite big for his age. 
Now I am a stay at home mom - and at the moment I am very happy with this arrangement. 

We also proceeded in furnishing and decorating our apartment and I am eager to post some photos of the results here :)

Well, actually, I can't think of any more changes but then again the first change is such a major one that it weighs at least ten times as heavy!

It's funny to see how sometimes your life doesn't change much for several years and then even a couple of months or even one day - or even second - can change everything! But if those changes are as positive as the ones I have been experiencing in the past 16 months I don't mind :-D

Have fun, good luck, take care!

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