Freitag, 31. Januar 2014


A lot has been said and written about time. And yet we never tire of being amazed again and again about how differently we perceive it. January is a good example for me because it seems to have rushed by in a second!

I am starting to get a bit nervous now because March is approaching and I will spend some months in Ireland with my sisters. I wonder how the time will feel when I am there: Will it pass quickly or slowly or both (time has that contradictory ability)?
I am definitely looking forward to going to Galway: I will be with my sisters, go for walks on the sea shore regularly and maybe find out what I want from life (it's my own little quest for identity - a Paul Austerean journey westwards... I must read Moonpalace again!!!).
Still, it won't be easy on the other hand because I'm leaving behind my husband, my cats, and my parents (my Mama and my parents in law). It will be a challenge but I am sure that I will have learned a lot by the end of those three months.

I can't believe that Christmas was over a month ago! Or that it's 3 weeks since I drove Marina to the airport. Or that I am married for three years now. Tic, toc, tic, toc - it sometimes nearly drives me crazy, you know! Not the audio aspect of time, though. I never had a problem with that. Maybe because I grew up in a house with a big (and pretty noisy) pendulum clock. Visitors would always say that the ongoing tic-toc would annoy them after a while and the loud gong when it stroke the half-hours sometimes made them wince. However, it never was a problem for me because I was so used to it -time had taught me to live with it -and even to cherish it in a way: when the clock suddenly wasn't working any more Mama's house felt different. Quieter. Sadder. But after a couple of years (and again we all had grown used to the new quietness, though we never enjoyed it) Mama finally had it fixed again. I was astonished how familiar the sound was. Even though it was muted for several years, it just sounded right again. The quick passing of time might drive me crazy but the tic-toc of that old clock only underlines the positive aspect of passing time: Seize it! Enjoy it! Give it the possibility to become the time of your life!

Now that's a groundbreaking and novel idea, right? As I said: A lot has been said and written - and repeated over the years. TIME to finally learn our lessons, then.

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