Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Christmas Time

Magical Moon I 
As for so many, Christmas time to me means family time. My husband and I grab our cats and go to my Mama's house where we usually stay for about three weeks. It's also the time when my sister comes to visit. My other sister and my brother in law won't come this year because they are celebrating Christmas with his family this time. However, they came for a short December visit two weeks ago.

Due to the Christmas Markets, the Advent sundays, and the Advent Calendars the whole December is a magical time in Germany. Some of my most Christmassy moments I have captured in photos (unfortunately I don't have a photo of my sister and her husband on the Heidelberg Christmas Market...).

Expecto Patronum - very nice decoration at the Wertheim Village 
Magical moon II
Luis pays a visit!

Marina arrives at the airport.

A visitor at my workplace.

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