Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

DIY: New colors for an old bedstand

During the Christmas holidays I was finally able to work on an old bedstand Mama still had in her basement.It was quite old - though not the good kind of old: just an ugly 70s or 80s piece of furniture for a kid's room.

I bought black acrylic color, brittle lacquer, dark pink acrylic paint, and a top coat. I started with the black paint as a  base:

Then I used the brittle lacquer:

After that, I applied the pink color. I didn't water the paint down a little - that's probably why the cracks are that big. I initially wanted them to be finer but then again chance is a great companion in art and I really like the result: it's far more edgy!

Finally, I was able to apply the top coat (a matt paint). To complete the bedstand, I then changed the knobs: I had found some very nice china knobs with an antique look (they were actually the initial source for the idea to paint that old bedstand).

I am definitely content with the result! And it feels so good to "DIY"! Unfortunately, Timo and I haven't got enough space in our apartment to place it we have to find a new and bigger apartment, I guess ;-)

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