Dienstag, 30. September 2014

The Mushroom Foray Part II

Two weeks ago, Timo, Mama and I went for a walk in the forest to look for mushrooms. It was great - a nice sunny sunday afternoon! A mushroom foray is a great mindfulness exercise: you have to be in the moment, all senses acute to be successful (or you have to be like Timo who somehow found one mushroom after the other without any real talent for it - he was just lucky I guess). The mushrooms we found (yes I found at least a small number) were very delicious and obviously edible as we're still alive.

Even though I only found few edible mushrooms I found this beautiful fella over here. Even though you can't eat it I think it is a really nice and often surreal looking mushroom. This one was illuminated by sunshine and it was just perfect for taking a picture. Timo found an edible bolete very close to it and found it hilarious that I got abstracted because of this poisonous one but I am very happy about having found it and having taken this photo!

PS: Yes, I just ignored the fact that I have been absent from this blog for nearly three months. I started a new job and just haven't been in the mood. But now I start to get used to it so I guess I'll be back soon:)

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