Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

A Visit to the Emerald Isle

At the shore near Spiddal

My husband and I finally went to visit my sisters in Ireland. As usual, it was over much too soon. This time our visit was split into the visit at Marina's place in Barna (a charming little chalet filled with paintings, books, and colors) and Anke and Adrian's place in the countryside (a newly built house which naturally still needs a little furnishing but which already has a very beautiful kitchen).

Family evening in Anke and Adrian's kitchen

Slowly but surely Ireland turns into my second home. At least I had a slight "coming home feeling" when we reached Galway this time. Of course this also has to do with the fact that my two sisters live there but it really seems to be more than just that. 

Little gate in Marina's neighbourhood

Fuchsias - the blossoms that always remind me of Marina; found near her place

At a ranch where I joined a horse trekking tour Anke and I fell in love with this "little" fella and her brother. Irish Wolfhounds are such lovable creatures. I'd love to get one as a companion some day but unfortunately they don't grow very old!

The pain of leaving Galway was eased when were collected at the airport by my parents-in-law and when we returned to my Mama's house to find all three (Mama, Emma, and Leo) well and happy to see us again!

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  1. Aww, I miss you!!! Thanks for sharing these photos and thoughts. I want that smiling wolfhound! Sending you a big hug xxx