Dienstag, 10. September 2013


I turned 28 at the end of August. I can't remember when I stopped to like my birthday. Fact is: Even though I certainly don't think that I am old, I am a bit worried because I still don't have a plan for my life. That's why my birthday freaks me out! In some ways I feel like a child who has just found out that all the adults have been lying to it presenting themselves as wise and flawless when  really they are as clueless as before.

However, my birthday wasn't too bad in the end. Timo woke me up by singing "Happy Birthday", Emma and Leo were there, a small birthday table as well (a table with candles and my presents) and we all had breakfast together. A short rather unpleasant intermezzo ensued when I found out that two of my skirts in my wardrobe were moulding (no - I didn't see the striking parallel then). Then we went to Mama where yet another birthday table was waiting for me and in the afternoon we had cake (my favourite birthday cake: Schokokusstorte = Chocolate Kiss Cake*1) and and a few friends and family came to visit me.

Birthday card by Marina showing a monkey (not Chester*2)
The fragrant presents from Anke and Adrian - Leo is interested!
A photo of the chocolate kiss cake my Mama made for my wedding (the dark thing in the middle is a "Schokokuss").

*1: A chocolate kiss cake is a biscuit cake with a topping made of quark, cream and chocolate kisses (website in German) - a kind of German treat consisting of a dry waffle base topped with white "foam" (sugar and egg white) coated with chocolate.
*2: I will introduce Chester in one of my future posts.

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