Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Red June

A wonderful evening in June surrounded by the color red in an Italian restaurant
Even though we're already heading towards the end of July I just have to share my June impressions with you! Curiously, the color red seemed to be a recurring theme during that month: e.g. the dinner in the Italian restaurant with a very red and very delicious rosè wine, the iconic red roses, the red tablecloth and the red peppers in my spaghetti aglio e olio (without the aglio and parmesan to make it stomach and vegan-friendly - not on the photo); the red poppy near the street on my way to work - so beautiful against the luscious complentary green of the meadows; and a lot of red food in general (tomatoes - dryed, in paste form and fresh, peppers, and berries).

July has faded the luscious colors of June a little - suddenly summer is THERE: Saturday is expected to hit the 40ºC limit. Still I try to enjoy the hot temperatures - I complained too much about the cold and long winter. And the hot temperatures in combination with our family fest revived some nice childhood memories which were epitomized when my sister Marina and I ran through the water jets of the lawn sprinkler. As the red was the dominant color of June, July was probably light blue - the color of the mainly unclouded sky (or when it was clouded the clouds were of a light blue color as well).

I wonder what color will be dominant in August. Maybe the faded yellow of the corn,  oats, and wheat fields near my Mama's house where I'm staying at the moment (my apartment is again too hot for poor fluffy Leopold)? We'll see. I'll let you know!

Have fun, good luck, take care!

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