Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

Leaving One's Beaten Track

Yesterday I went running again. As I have been staying at my Mama's house for some time I was happy to be back on my usual running track. But life can be quite ironic sometimes and I was confronted with a traffic sign telling me the street was closed due to construction work ahead. So I was forced to leave my beaten track and took an unknown one, a small track leading into the forest. I wasn't too happy at first: I tend to feel quite insecure when I'm on an unknown way. There are too many questions in my mind which usually keep me from enjoying the run. Where does the track lead to? Will this track be too long or too short for me? Will it suddenly end and force me to turn around (I can't stand this when I'm running)? Will the track lead me to a degenerated, incestious, cannibalistic tribe deep in the woods? (The usual questions, you see.)
However, this time I was able to enjoy the new way nevertheless! It offered a splendid view over the river loop and provided a surrealistic fairy tale atmosphere which made me even forget that I was running. Plus: it was neither too long nor too short and led me back on my usual track in the end but with the advantage of having had the opportunity to receive new perspectives and to learn that the unknown is not necessarily hostile or insecure.
It is nice to have one's beaten track, to be sure, but it turns out that it is also very advisable to leave it from time to time!
Have fun, good luck, take care!

Not part of the running track (neither the usual nor the new one) but a new track we found during a nice summer evening stroll.

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