Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Running, a Trendsetter, and the Joy of Doing the Laundry

Before I went to Galway, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't find a job, there making my whole quest for identity and independence a farce, as it would have been my husband who would have financed the whole thing then. But - yay - I found a job which at least gives me the feeling of not being totally dependent and egotistic! The only drawback of my job (and not a real one either) is the working time. I start at midday and work until 9 and my weekend is actually a weekstart as it is shifted to Monday and Tuesday. That's actually not too bad but you have to get used to it and as yet I haven't. But this also means that I was able to enjoy the really nice weather yesterday and today. I went running on both days and once again was deeply impressed by the beauty of the countryside in Barna. I really need to go running more often as I deeply felt how good it is for me - especially in such picturesque surroundings!

At the moment I am living in Marina's house. Living with her means living in the cutest little chalet which smells like her incense sticks or aromatherapy oils, is full of color and has a wonderful view of the sea and the hills of the Burren. It also means that there is the ritual newspaper purchase every saturday (I think it's The Guardian) and Sunday (The Sunday Times). One of my favorite parts of this newspaper is the Style mag. Curiously enough, a lot of the "trends" presented in this magazine are not at all new to me as I usually have already encountered them in Marina's lifestyle. I remember her telling me of her new favorite smoothy called The Green Monster way before green smoothies were promoted as the beauty secret of stars and wannabes. Last week the latest beauty update was coconut oil which can be used for cooking, as a butter substitute, and for hair and skin!... oh really? Marina's been using this for ages! Another article analized the sudden popularity of kale. My suggestion is that there must be a style spy in my sister's wardrobe who constantly checks what will become trendy in the next season because ... kale? A new trend? Not for her!
Today I was able to enjoy a Green Monster after running and take in the sea view through her kitchen window. It was such a nice and sunny day and I was buzzing with energy. I also tried out mindful hanging out of the laundry which was just as relaxing and enjoyable as the washing up experience (which didn't remain a single event). But I must admit that it's a lot easier to enjoy this task when you have to hang up colorful fabrics on a clothes line outside in the sun!

running view

The Green Monster
Laundry Joy


  1. Your days at Galway sound so lovely! Running in this beautiful scenery, green smoothies, weekend newspapers and mindful chores!? It sounds like heaven :)

    Style magazine is my favourite part of the newspaper as well and congrats on your new job.

  2. Thank you, Angeliki! Have been browsing your blog and I'm so impressed! I loved that post about mindfulness - I'm still a newbie, you know ;-)